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Whether your grief is new and raw or lingering and unresolved, Grief Journal by Linda Lodge Abelson Andreozzi can be a powerful tool for healing.  If you grieve the loss of a loved one through death, divorce, or other life-altering circumstances, Grief Journal offers gentle guidance and companionship.

No matter the circumstances of your grief, it's necessary to hold on to hope.  Apprenticed to Hope by Julie E. Neraas acts as a sourcebook for difficult times.

The Cosmos Cards by Patricia Owen are meant to be sent one by one to someone who needs to hear the message that they are part of something bigger and are loved.  Perfect for someone who is grieving.

Grief Journal
Price: $15.95
Grief Journal
A powerful journaling retreat to help you move toward peace and acceptance of the loss in your life.
Cosmos Cards - pack of 25 postcards
Price: $15.00
Cosmos Cards - pack of 25 postcards
Pack of 25 postcards
The Dance of Creation
Price: $20.00
The Dance of Creation
Labyrinths of Healing Prayer and Art
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